Part 2: Marketing Communications

Social Media and Advertising
On what social media channels are you actively engaged with your prospects and customers? *
Engaged meaning actively participating in helpful conversations with customers and prospects, adding value and contributing to the discussion. This does not include where you are PROMOTING your products/services.
What advertising are you currently doing? *
Where are you paying to advertise your products and services?
Email Marketing
If you have more than one list, combine all lists together for the total amount of email addresses you have.
List all of the domains you own (that you can think of) starting with your primary domain.
How do you use your primary website? *
Select all that apply
Lead Generation
Select the ways in which you get referrals from existing customers *
Third Party Services
Services include MailChimp, Vimeo, Constant Contact, GoDaddy, WordPress, HubSpot, LeadPages, OctaChat, Squarespace, OntraPort, Infusionsoft, Fiverr, Google AdWords, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Analytics, etc.