Level Up Your Lead Quality


Nurtured vs. Non-nurtured Lead Spend

Source: The Annuitas Group

With the right lead nurturing system in place, best-fit prospects warm up and are more likely to buy when the sales conversation happens. Why? Because not only have you backed up your value proposition, you've created an expectation of what their experience will be like when they do business with you. If done properly, poor fits drop off and perfect fits show up with wallets in hand.

To improve the quality of leads coming into your business you need to develop and automate a lead nurturing system. It doesn't have to be complex; it can be as simple as building email automation or a microsite that distributes content to help prospective customers learn more about your brand and facilitate the buying decision.

How we improve lead quality:

  1. Understand quality lead characteristics and map the buyer's journey
  2. Identify access points where buyers are needing nurturing
  3. Develop valued content that educates, creates access and helps the buyer transact
  4. Improve content quality by evaluating behavior and response metrics

Although every business is unique, there are fundamental patterns and tactics that human beings respond to best. We know what they are and can create the lead nurturing process that gets you better quality buyers.

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