Blue Space Consulting
Roy Barnes
Orlando, FL
Better3 client since 2008


  • Brand and style guide design and development
  • Website design/dev
  • Copywriting
  • Content marketing
  • Custom illustration and design
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Direct mail design/dev
  • Corporate identity package
  • Brochure design/dev
  • Book promotional collateral
  • Book cover design
  • eNewsletter and email automation
  • Illustrated three customer journey maps for Intel, PGE and Verizon HUM


  • Established a preferred brand presence in crowded marketplace of consultant services
  • Achieved engagements with Hewlett-Packard, PG&E, Toshiba, Michelin, Datamark, Forsythe Technologies, Delta, Acura, Verizon, Intel, PGE and others
  • Created a speaking platform to increase quality speaking engagements leading to client engagements
  • Sold over 600 copies of Customer Experience 365 in less than 3 weeks on Amazon
  • Increased mailing list over 450% in six months

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Customer Experience Independence

Blue Space Consulting is a B2B and B2B2C consultancy that helps business leaders and front line teams deliver experiences that improve overall business performance. BSC focuses on:

  1. Customer Experience
  2. Strategic Alignment
  3. Team Empowerment
  4. Change Management
Customer Experience 365

Business Challenge:

Roy Barnes launched Blue Space Consulting in 2008, and came to Better3 for a professional brand, narrative, website and the business development materials necessary to attract Fortune 500 clients. Consultants have a stigma of primarily offering overpriced advice with little implementation and are also an overpopulated category. The goal was to distinguish Blue Space in such a way that attracted the attention of organizations typically oriented toward large, more established consultancies, and win Blue Space substantially larger engagements.

We designed and built a new brand as well as an infrastructure of communications tools for Blue Space Consulting. In 2015 Roy published Customer Experience for Dummies, and we designed a new brand, website and print collateral for his speaking platform. In 2016, Roy published Customer Experience 365: Daily Advice for Better Customer Service with a cover we designed, and sold over 600 copies in the first 3 weeks on

Our work with Blue Space continues as we support his ongoing bizdev efforts to gain higher paying speaking opportunities, new book deals and higher quality client engagements. We are currently working with Roy to develop an online training membership space for clients wanting to sustain his training post keynotes and that complement his publications.