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Level Up Your Lead Quality


Nurtured vs. Non-nurtured Lead Spend

Source: The Annuitas Group

With the right lead nurturing system in place, best-fit prospects warm up and are more likely to buy when the sales conversation happens. Why? Because not only have you backed up your value proposition, you've created an expectation of what their experience will be like when they do business with you. If done properly, poor fits drop off and perfect fits show up with wallets in hand.

To improve the quality of leads coming into your business you need to develop and automate a lead nurturing system. It doesn't have to be complex; it can be as simple as building email automation or a microsite that distributes content to help prospective customers learn more about your brand and facilitate the buying decision.

How we improve lead quality:

  1. Understand quality lead characteristics and map the buyer's journey
  2. Identify access points where buyers are needing nurturing
  3. Develop valued content that educates, creates access and helps the buyer transact
  4. Improve content quality by evaluating behavior and response metrics

Although every business is unique, there are fundamental patterns and tactics that human beings respond to best. We know what they are and can create the lead nurturing process that gets you better quality buyers.

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Leverage Your Customer Relationships


Customer Retention Platform Use Among B2B

Source: ACT-ON and Gleanster Research "Rethinking the Role of Marketing" (2015)

There's no doubt that building stronger relationships with existing customers leads to business growth through more loyalty, advocacy and customer lifetime value. What are you doing to increase wallet share and referrals of existing customers? How often are you acknowledging them, inspiring them and reminding them how much you appreciate their business? Did you know that most people stop doing business with a brand because they felt unappreciated or had a service problem that went unaddressed?

We love working with people who love their customers. Give yourself a break and let us help you design a communication plan that facilitates customer relationship development. Whether it be an automated content management drip funnel, enhanced CRM or a simple email automation that keeps buyers feeling loved, we will work with you to design something that works for your budget and your bizdev goals.

How we increase Customer engagement:

  1. Study the buyer's journey and gather customer insight through qualitative interviews
  2. Identify where customers are listening and when attention lags for opportunities
  3. Design and create narratives and story streams that make customers feel special
  4. Implement automation of content and metrics to measure and improve

The manner we advise and implement customer engagement for you will depend wholly on your goals, your customer preferences and how it will best fit into your overall bizdev strategy. Find out more about how we can help your customers fall more deeply in love with your business by booking a complimentary strategy session with Terry Pappy. Get the love flowing both ways!


Align Your Brand with Your Customer


% Organizational Goals for B2B Content Marketing

Source: B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America

To be the leader in any niche, your brand has to be clearly defined in the mind of your ideal customer. It matters how you present your business to prospects and customers, what kind of experience you are creating for them and what type of relationship you develop. The right content peppered with your brand's personality will go a long way at helping you become distinct in your niche industry.

We know how to ferret out what makes you magical and how to identify and characterize your ideal customer personas. By being clear about what you do and who you serve, you can clear a path to prospects looking for a business exactly like yours while poorer fits veer off to competitors. You win because you're not having an identity crisis and the quality and longevity of the customers you get is win-win.

How we improve brand positions:

  1. Identify existing market share and competitive landscape
  2. Distinguish customer viewpoints and isolate brand identity
  3. Design narrative and messaging strategy with appropriate tactics
  4. Measure engagement and response rates and adjust

Being all things to all people is a positioning killer. We help you figure out who you are from a unique vantage point of your ideal customer and then help you showcase who you are and what you do in the perfect light. Competitors soon fade from the rear view mirror and you can enjoy better quality customers who are lifelong advocates of your business.

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