Marketing Simplified for Service Business Owners

We’re a creative marketing firm that grows solopreneur income without the headaches

We do it by creating smarter scale strategies inspired by our clients expertise.

If that’s something you’re interested in, let’s talk:


You deserve simplified marketing

You’ve built a business around YOU and your expertise, yet the marketplace is saturated with equally talented people vying for the same opportunities you are. Research shows that’s exactly what your potential clients believe as well, which doesn’t help you get more work.

How are you staying relevant to a tiring audience? What are you doing to position yourself and your work so that it lands you great contracts? What is your plan for defending your existing relationships from scavengers who offer a lower price or smarter solution?

Speakers and consultants commonly fall short marketing their expertise because they’re too close to their own work.

Don’t let your pipeline run dry because you have an underperforming website and no scale. Get help.

What would your business look like if you could simplify your marketing so that it multiplied your opportunities?


We exclusively create more streams of revenue for experts

Keeping a steady pipeline of quality leads and opportunities is a constant challenge.

Most speaker and consultant websites are designed the old way, meaning they don’t work hard at developing leads the way people want to do business today. We understand how the speaking industry and the consulting world has changed, and that experts require the right brand and website marketing strategy to compete in today’s—and tomorrow’s—marketplace.

With a Better3 Conversion Website System in place, our speaker and consultant clients are able to:


Get better leads


Sign more contracts

Piggy bank

Increase their income


Lead their niche


Our clients are also able to increase fees, multiply revenue streams and enjoy their work more.

You can experience this kind of success as well.


How we help you win the day

We have three ways we serve our clients:


KISS Marketing Map™

Successful businesses use funded marketing plans. Start yours with a KISS Marketing Map customized to lay out a business development strategy designed for your expertise and audience.


Business of YOU™ Generator

This is where the rubber meets the road—we brand, design and write all of your tactical implementation and build and maintain your marketing system so you can get your biz dev machine humming.

We also provide ongoing integrated content marketing and lead generation so you can have more time to work with clients and focus on the big deals.


Tactical Coaching

Tactical Coaching provides 24/7 access to expert business development guidance from Terry Pappy and her team at Better3 so you don’t get stuck in the weeds or lose momentum.

Stay on track more reliably and make sure that what you’re doing for your business is on strategy.


The way to get started is easy

(just like your business development will be after we work together)


Step 1:

We meet with you to understand your business and revenue objectives

Your business is unique and so is your audience, and we get clear on what that is so we can create a strategy that works better.


Step 2:

We design a strategic, expanded revenue-stream system

It’s important to know where we’re going so we know when we get there!


Step 3:

We build an integrated marketing system that provides more revenue streams

We can incorporate any existing marketing materials so your prior marketing investments are never wasted.


Everything we do is custom to you and your business


Why we focus exclusively on helping consultants and speakers grow their business and simplify their marketing:

You want steady but manageable growth in your business. But the reality is that the competition is getting fiercer and you’re losing relevancy with your audience.

We deeply understand your industry and why marketing to it demands a different approach. Our team has extensive experience building branding and website marketing systems specifically for speakers and consultants.

Our process is easy. We guarantee our work. And, we make you look really, really good.

We position you as a distinct leader in what you do, so that your ideal client quickly identifies you as the ONLY expert who can help them.

You’ll go from having ineffective, dated marketing to a confident business owner with more bandwidth to focus on delivering value through your engagements.

Let’s work together to help you get on top, stay on top and avoid losing business to lesser-qualified competitor speakers and consultants.


What Better3 clients are saying...

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