Customer Thanks

As we move through the final weeks of the year, we gather with family, friends and take time away from "work" to enjoy the fruits of our labor. Some of us cook like Julia Childs, some of us wait in line outside Sears at 5:00 am for outrageous doorbusters and sales, some of us stand behind aluminum bins filled with piles of stuffing, potatoes, turkey and ham serving the needy. It's a mix of giving and spending, loving and sharing.

It's a time of thanks, of celebration, of relaxation and joy.

Now. Think of your customers. How can you thank, celebrate, and relax joyfully with them? Why are we not treating our customers like our family? Ahem...well, at least when we get along. ;-)

Sure there's the usual, "Have a nice Thanksgiving," or when you send them a ham from Honeybaked. Yes, that's nice, and I'm sure it's appreciated, of course. But what if you...

...showed up at their door holding that Honeybaked ham yourself.

...asked them to join you while you served food to the homeless.

...helped them get their family together for the holiday...even the sons and daughters in service abroad.

Think extraordinarily when you acknowledge your customers. The holiday season is an opportune moment to stop, think and relate to the people who make your organization thrive. They are your family. They are your reason for being. Let them know.