Simplify the Steps

Two things occurred to me yesterday. One was that there are not enough marketing books or blogs to solve the business problem of sustainable growth. And, we have less and less time to search, read and assimilate the information available. Everyone has seven steps to this, five steps to that; what publishers require to make the books more appealing for consumption. But next year, they'll have a different "steps" book that trumps the one you just read. There are hundreds if not thousands of them out there. I know, because I read many thinking I could advise my clients in a more profound manner, but frankly I'm burned out.

The second thing that occurred to me is that there is no surefire process or steps that secure an organization's sustainable growth. Yes, there are practices and processes that can improve things, but think about it. If all of our problems could be solved by instituting the practices set forth in a book on management or marketing or strategy, things would look a lot different in the business world.

My aha moment was this idea: when an organization focuses on what it's really about, conducts itself with integrity in all that it does, and makes all of that visible to the world, voila. The rest falls into place.

Now. That's three steps, and we're here to simplify not complicate.

Be yourself. Have integrity. Show the world.

So let's simplify it further. If you're being yourself, you have integrity, so we can scratch that. If you're being yourself with embedded integrity, then the world notices. So we can scratch that, too. So what do we have left?

Be yourself.

Now THAT would be a great book, because everyone writes their own.