Turn it Around

At any point, during any interaction, during any process, during any event, during any conversation, we can turn it around. When things aren't going the way we want, we can always turn it around.

Turning is about the way we look at things. It's about giving instead of taking. It's about not making others wrong, and sharing the love.

When a customer complains, sometimes vehemently, our first instinct is to recoil and defend ourselves, our position, or our process within our organization. "That's the rules, Mr. Customer," or "You should have filled out the proper forms, Miss Customer," etc. In our formative years, many of us learned behaviors of avoiding punishment at all costs, which has translated into a distaste of ownership in the Big Person's World.

And as always, we have a choice. We can turn it around. We can take that customer who we're having struggle with and look at what we appreciate about them. Look at what they may be facing in their experience. Try to sympathize and help, and focus on getting them what they want.

After all, that's how we serve, right?