Tomorrow is February

Growing up in Pennsylvania, January always seemed like the longest month. The ever present icicles, steep angled sunlight and layers of mismatched knitted things were the theme, day in, day out. Thirty-one days of this, no longer holidays, time off, or the first snowfall to look forward to. It was cold as hell. Well, not Fargo hell, but you catch my snowdrift.

Tomorrow is February 1st, and I can feel the thaw permeating the latent memories of below zero temps. Even though I now live in tepid Orlando, I still get excited about the onset of spring. The newness. The awakening from dormancy. The orchestra of nature stretching toward a more present sun. The sound of new ideas banging around the brain.

And that's what I love, what I get jazzed about: new ideas. Kicking off new projects. Beginning new adventures. Forging new relationships. Finding new ways to serve the people in both my personal and professional life. And that's how I'm starting February.

No more looking back. It's time to face forward and look deep into what's possible.


CreativityTerry Pappy