Are We Having Fun Yet?

This morning it hit me what my husband was all about: being a kid and having fun. When I'm feeling unnecessarily stressed or preoccupied, he'll do something goofy and make me laugh. Every single time.

Like this morning: I finished combing my hair and stuck my comb in my jeans pocket and said, "Remember in junior high when everyone had a comb in the back pocket of their jeans?"

"Yeah," he said. "I had an Ace. "No one carries combs anymore. No one!"

"I know. Weird, huh?" We regarded one another for a moment, pondering 7th-grade memories.

He looked at me with a mischievous twinkle, "I bet the comb companies are a little upset about that."

I threw my arms around his neck in deep laughter.

It struck me odd that we are not more kid-like as adults, especially in business. Don't we want to be the ones coming up with the new games? With fun rules and challenging structures that make us fall down and laugh from the deepest part of our bellies?

Remember tag?

Remember war?

Remember tree forts and bruised knees and bike races and campfires and sand castles and paper airplanes and sunshine?

Remember being inseparable from your best best friend?

Today's business needs to be a game. It needs to take a lighter, more fun look at innovation, team building, camaraderie, and making up your own rules. It's time to be a leader, an inventor, a cheerleader, a hero.

Look at how we can bring fun back to work, and how we can bring our customers in on the game.

After all, we're making it up as we go anyway, right?



WOWTerry Pappyfun at work