Being Powerful

Some say that being powerful means controling situations, conditions or people. When in reality, we can only control ourselves. So why do we try? Is there another avenue to being powerful that has the ability to inspire? To enroll? To soothe?

We're so right about how things are. We're so right about how people behave. Yet we base everything on our past experience, not allowing them to really show up as anything amazing. Or powerful.

As I work in the customer-relationship arena I see people completely paralyzed by "how things are." They wonder why the same problems keep coming up, the same customer complaints, the same business issues. Regardless of external or internal influences, we perpetuate this world of sameness, and nothing really changes.

And we become resigned and say, "Well, that's just the way it is."

Being powerful is being in what's possible. It's allowing another person to speak their vision, to inspire through listening, to enliven through relating. How close are we to our customers? Many businesses tout that "Our customers are like family." Well, if you've met some families, that's not necessarily a good thing.

What are they doing to truly listen to, support and love their customers? How are they being about their customers? What about the team that delivers to the customer?

Being powerful is a result of being with what's possible, what could be tomorrow, and who could make a real difference in another person's life. This is a condition that is rare in business. But the organizations who are doing it well are thriving.

And they love their customers. Powerfully.