Coming Online

Noticing a trend in what is now coined VOC (Voice of the Customer), I hear large organizations struggle to consider how to incorporate customer feedback into their daily dashboards. What to do with the data. How to interpret, act, and follow through with the suggestions and ideas that are gathered from customer input.

And it occurred to me. Wouldn't it be great if we collaborated with our customers in such a way that we openly work with them to make our organizations better? Aren't we in it together anyway? Isn't our reason for being to serve the customer?

Yet organizations focus on competition. Pricing. Market turmoil. Financials. Efficiencies. RIFs. Outsourcing. Getting funding. The same grind quarter-in, quarter-out. Leaders can't get out of the weeds, and operations struggle to keep up. Meanwhile, fearful teams keep their heads down hoping to avoid the dreaded call from HR.

Most surveys are geared to keeping the lions quiet. Many companies who have harnessed better ways of pulling data from their audience are squeaking by and holding their own. What I want to see, however, is a relationship between an organization and the people it serves becoming one that is collaborative, innovative, and open. One that has the technology that keeps communication open and accessible, and the ideas flooding in.

What an awesome place to be where we know how to serve, welcome the community created by business and the people it touches. What are you learning about your customer relationships? Are you listening?