A Humble Thanks To Our Tax Preparers

Whether it's your husband who diligently enters in expenses and tracks the slightest deduction, or you keep several CPAs busy with quarterly projections, reports and filings, today is a day of thanks to our tax preparers.

This year my return nearly caused my accounting firm to fire me as a client. I had gone through so many changes in my business and personal life in 2010 as well as having money coming and going from all directions, it was a return to set all returns apart.

After certified-mailing my blood-and-sweat-stained 1040 packet, I decided to take a moment here to recognize and acknowledge them for all of the years of hard work they've expended on my behalf. Daphne and Frances, thank you. Really. Thank you.

I promise 2011 will be less pain. Please don't fire me. ;-)