CEOs, Listen Up

I just completed an hour-long conversation with a delightful woman who was sharing with me about her experience working for her company. She said she provides above and beyond service, has always been on time with no absenteeism, and has always been loyal to her company when offered other opportunities. For eight years she's maintained this level of performance. (And, who works for a company that long anymore these days?)

And, she's never heard from the president of the company. No thank you, no card, no contact whatsoever. She shared with me how it hurt her to not be acknowledged, when she would regularly see peers and colleagues receive acknowledgement, but why not her?

My heart broke.

How many businesses have disengaged employees? How are the customers impacted by those unknown, disengaged employees? How much money is your business losing every year because of lack of referral advocacy? How much business are you losing because of the negative referrals?

How hard is it to pick up the phone and say, "Hey, I appreciate you and what you do for us."? Really?