"Humanization of Business" - Gary Vaynerchuk

I adore Gary Vaynerchuk more now than I did after reading Crush It! last year. I just finished his latest book, The Thank You Economy, where he gives voice to an aspect to business that I've been passionate about for many years: relationship. In this video, he highlights his platform for the book and albeitprofane (true Gary style), he makes a compelling argument that I fully support.

Read TTYE. It will help you shift to a more "humanized business" which will drive growth, culture, innovation and joy. I promise.

Gary is advocating social media as a tool and tactic, not the panacea of marketing. We now have access to free mediums of which we can have one-to-one communication with our customers. There will only be more over the coming years, and their capability and power will only increase as technology improves. These mediums make it a virtual cakewalk to capture, engage and relate to our audience. Does it take time? Yes. Does it require strategy? Yes. Does it need appropriate resources? Depending on the size of the business, yes. Does it work? If the commitment, patience, and intention are there, absolutely.

Consider your business's social strategy. Here are a few key conversation topics to address before you even look at the operational and tactical aspects of deploying social media:

  1. How are we currently engaging and communicating with our customers?
  2. What is each customer touch point (every point at which your customer is presented with your brand/organization) and how can we optimize it with social tools?
  3. How can we enroll our organization's team in creating deeper relationships with our customers?

We often get spun up in the execution of solutions without taking the time to really examine the "why" of what we're doing. Does it make sense? What expectations are we creating for our team and for our customers? Can we sustain it? Are we really committed to it? It's a great opportunity to invite discussion among your team, your customers, and clearly identify how you can be more "human" in your business.

Terry Pappy