Groupon Unsubscribe Page

I signed up for Groupon recently, but quickly grew tired of the daily email offers they presented. I didn't take the time to refine my profile so I got more appropriate offers, but then again, I'm not a coupon redeemer by nature. So on a knee jerk reaction to today's email, I chose "unsubscribe." When I did, I was presented with the most creative, HUMANIZED unsubscribe page/process that I've experienced. Check out the video of a Groupon customer's unsubscribe process.

What is so remarkable about this is that they captured and communicated back to customers what the masses feel about being spammed. They basically are saying, "Hey. We get it. Spam sucks." And that's how we know they care. It's validation in the truest sense. Go Groupon. I may not be a customer, but I'm an advocate because you listen.

How are you taking a fresh approach to creating advocacy with your customers through "humanistic" approaches? Get with your team and brainstorm some ideas where you can do something as refreshing and honest as Groupon's unsubscribe page. Make it fit your personality and your audience, and above all, have fun with it.

Terry Pappy