Fine art a la Pappy

The Ocean Calls to Me

Blast from the past: scans of my oils on canvas I did circa 1991-1995, average size 36"-48". The poorly scanned photos don't do them justice, but just wanted to share these from my "historical archives." (Do you think I was into dolphins?)

By the way, all of these paintings have been sold or donated, several actually won local art show awards I’m happy to say. I really enjoyed painting all of these and others over the early years of my living in Florida, but I certainly didn’t like the art show circuit. Likely the reason I stopped painting. Maybe one day I'll get my oils out again and see what I can create anew. Gotta save something for retirement. LOL.

The Jordan Commission

This was one of the few acrylics on canvas I did back in July 1992, shortly after Michael Jordan and the Dream Team took Gold at the Barcelona Olympics. I worked with a huge Jordan fan from Chicago, and I was commissioned to create this painting of Jordan in his Dream Team uni in “LeRoy Neiman” style of painting. It wasn’t my style, but I did the best I could to mimic the bold colors and strokes. The client was thrilled and it was a huge success. I took photos of the progress and inspiration I drew from all around it on the wall. The final piece was 50”x36”.

Terry Pappy