Client Raves


"My upgraded website finally reflects the experience I wanted my patients to expect and how committed I am to their wellness. It also saves me time by addressing questions, scheduling online and preparing them for their appointment. Better3's content creation keeps my patients health-educated and more aware of keeping their care on track."

—Dr. Susan Stone, Physician-Owner, Stone Wellness


"Terry Pappy has true creative talent. We met in person and over the phone several times and she was able to capture the essence of what I was looking for creatively. She and her team at Better3 bring great vision, enthusiasm and passion for the work and it shows in what was done for me and my business. Better3 gets my very highest recommendations for great service and great creative."

—Roy Barnes, CEO Blue Space Consulting


"I was so busy writing, I didn't have time to create a website and brand for my newly published books, yet I needed to market my work. Better3 not only did an amazing website for me, they helped me launch a brand that totally captured my personality and style. They continue to advise me on how to market my new books and stay in touch with my readers."

—Andrea K. Stein, Author, “Fortune’s Horzion” and “Secret Harbor”


"I asked Better3 to upgrade my website for me. I didn’t know how poor a job communicating my message I was doing until we completed the discovery process. After working with them and completely revamping my web presence, traffic to my site has increased 1,000%, my professional fees are up 40% and I am now turning away work at a time when my competitors are scrapping for business. I can’t imagine life before Better3."

—Dr. Ed Barrows, Partner at Cambridge Performance Partners


"Before Better3, my brand wasn't defined. I was offering a bunch of different services, and some clients knew me for hair, others for coaching, and others for Reiki. Now, I have the confidence to deliver my brand and attract the right clients for my growing business."

—Melanie Ash, Owner, Melanie Ash Integrative Beauty


"I didn’t believe it was going to be this easy! I’m now reaching and connecting with a very niche audience and building a solid reputation. I feel so much more confident in my business and brand with creative guidance from Better3."

—Christine Danyi, Owner, Everything Can Heal


"Better3 is awesome. Their team is smart and full of positive energy. Terry Pappy is an extraordinarily incisive thinker who asks the right questions. The result is enlightenment and illumination about the most important stuff facing your career, organization or industry. Better3 is very easy to work with. They care deeply about the people they serve and the people they work with. For all of these reasons, and more, I wholeheartedly recommend Terry and Better3 to work with you and/or your organization. They are wonderfully talented and will bring you closer to the things that are most important to your success."

—Bob Kodzis, Chief Creative Catalyst at Flight of Ideas, Inc.


"I have known Terry for a number of years both as a client and as a participant in marketing groups. Terry is an extremely sharp and very personable professional. As a partner of ours, Better3 was able to aggregate feedback from numerous sources within our organization and assemble a set of choices and ultimately a solution that worked well for our organization. They are timely and operate in an authentic and nimble manner. I have enjoyed each time that we have worked together and would not hesitate to reach out to Better3 again for help as the right situation arises."

—Greg Finkelstein, Chief Operating Officer and SVP at Deltak


"Better3 deeply understands the critical work my team does for our clients. They communicate with our clients and network with integrity and clarity about the work that we do to support health care improvement. I have total confidence in them."

—Dr. Kate Goonan, CEO of Goonan Performance Strategies


We’ve been working with Better3 for over a year and worked on a variety of projects with them. They are true professionals and the turnaround on work is outstanding. I would recommend Better3 to anyone seeking a talented web development/design team.

—Renee (Menkova) Seltzer, Founder and VP of Marketing Feeding My Kid


"Terry is a solid professional that always delivers on her commitments. She has extensive creative talent and goes beyond by taking the time to understand all aspects of the business to ensure the work contributes to the overall objectives. She can be counted on to take a concept and deliver a top notch solution."

—Tina Hayes, Director Global Solutions - SaaS Software at ServiceMax


"Better3 is innovative, creative and excels at pushing clients to go beyond ‘“the box.” Their ability to understand the customers’ needs and desires and translate them into action items and concepts for the individuals and companies they consult with is beyond compare. When you work with Better3 you feel like you have an advocate and friend on your team. They are professional, reliable, energetic and constantly learning new and innovative things to share with their clients. They are a long-term partner but if you need something quick they can do that as well. We never doubted their ability to grasp a new concept and help us maximize our efforts. I not only highly recommend Better3, I believe if you do not choose them to work with, you have lost an opportunity for something wonderful to happen."

—Christine Ebeltoft-Bancalari, Co-Founder/Director - Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida


"Terry is the rare executive who combines intellectual horsepower, drive, fearlessness, empathy, and the desire to “do the right thing.” Terry and her team approach new marketing and communication initiatives very much attuned to hearing the customer’s voice, ensuring that a company’s message and meaning will resonate and motivate. In working with them, they display a dexterity and flexibility that’s unusual…they seek out ideas and weave them seamlessly into a set of strategy and tactics that is authentic and most importantly, effective.

"Better3 has an uncanny ability to quickly understand the messaging of who a company is and how best to wrap that into a communications strategy. They do this with passion, ingenuity, honesty, consistency and positive measurable results. They inspire others to perform at their best. Terry and her team are the epitome of professionalism. Out of all of the marketing, branding, creative or communications resources I have worked with, they rank in the top three. They think long term, are both analytically strategic and brilliantly creative and focus energy where they can have the most impact. Any person that has a desire to grow their business and get it done right the first time should call Better3."

—Robert Urban, CEO of PaperBoat Media and Published Author


"Relationship, experience, and skill, Better3 is at the top of their game in several arenas. No better than Better3 to help a new or mature business through interactive, branding, print or copy. They bind to the work which is always reflective in its quality. We have collaborated on a number of projects and every time we have come out with a satisfied client. Creative is tricky and they nail it. Their excitement and vigor is always welcome around our studio and we look forward to working with them many times over."

—Micheal Morgan, Co-Founder at Good Theory Inc.


"A rare talent. Passionate. Talented as heck. Bottom line, Better3 is extremely good at what they do. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise when it comes to website development, strategy, creative and execution. From the early stages of client discovery, they quickly uncovered the necessary key components and essential needs of the client. They are wonderful at managing and exceeding client expectations. Recently, I consulted with them on a design project. They were full of rare and unique ideas and suggestions—that in the end, will grow my business exponentially. Terry is smart... she surrounds herself with top talent team members who only make her shine even more. I highly recommend Better3 to any large or small scale business."

—Deanna (Ballard) Hunt, Investor and National Marketing Representative