The Basics:
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Business Goals
Be specific and quantify. For example, "I want to close 20 new 1-year annual contracts," or "I want to sell thirty new 90-Day Investment Programs," or "I want to add fifty new patients to my practice."
For example, outsource marketing/sales, get better quality client prospects, find a new office location, build a team, get higher paying clients, hit a revenue goal, streamline business processes, etc.
Client Revenue and ROI
Select your most popular product/service. Such as, "One 90-Day Investment Program grosses me $20,000." Feel free to ball-park the amount, and if it is ongoing client engagements, how much do you gross in a year from their doing business with you.
The total revenue one client generates on average. Calculate your lowest, middle and highest gross revenue from clients over the average length of time they are a client with you.