Main Street Advisory CEO Kelley Mossburg

Kelley Mossburg, CEO Main Street Advisory

Kelley Mossburg, CEO Main Street Advisory

Kelley Mossburg and I met when we both worked for CNL in Orlando in the late 90s. We've remained in touch and have followed each other's careers. In this 32-minute interview, I asked Kelley about what he's currently working on in his consulting business after successfully selling his last company. We also talked about working with young companies and how he helps his clients get a foothold and grow their businesses. 

Kelley talks about: 

  • What he's doing at Main Street Advisory and some of the young companies that he's helping today
  • Why he does what he does, and how it's about creating a legacy of making a difference in the lives of other people
  • The challenge of business owners working in the business as opposed to on the business and having the courage to let go and delegate to others to allow owners the freedom to look at the big picture
  • How he works to understand owners as individuals first before helping them address their business goals
  • How word-of-mouth and his reputation of success has opened the door and helped build his current business, and how it's the best form of marketing any business can have
  • How time and capital are the two biggest challenges for his clients when taking steps to grow their business
  • Why he thinks there's more capital to invest in businesses today than in any other recent time

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