Phil Gerbyshak with Make It Great Institute

Phil Gerbyshak is the networking superhero at Make It Great Institute. He works with leaders and sales people to increase their influence, impact and income. In this interview, we talk about:

  • The 4-1-1 on Phil, his background and experience

  • How he keeps up with social media and why that's so important

  • How he filters through the 75% nonsense content to find the 25% gems

  • What he does to share his content and where

  • How he works with his clients and why a keynote is just the beginning

  • Why it's important to him to read/learn for insight, inspiration leading to action that helps his and/or his client's business

Phil's interview with Terry Pappy:

Help Desk Manager's Crash Course
By Phil Gerbyshak, Jeffrey M. Brooks
10 Ways to Make It Great!
By Phil Gerbyshak
Terry Pappy