209: Vickie Griffith on the four burdens at the root of most business fears

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Vickie Griffith

Vickie Griffith, Certified Hypnotist and EFT Practitioner

Do emotions of overwhelm, fear, anxiety creep in and steal your energy away?

Do the not enough’s and should’s keep you snacking from the vending machine?

What dreams, hopes and yearnings for your thinner body flicker inside you?

Have you ever tried to drown them out, cover them up, or even smother them with food because you have tried everything and nothing has worked?

It’s time to let your thin self come out to play. It’s time to embrace the amazing qualities of your personality, get over your past hurts and discover who you are as you become the naturally thin person you are.

How do I know you so well? Because I am you.

Hi, I am Vickie. I am had struggled with my weight since birth. In the past I wondered why I couldn’t lose the weight and keep it off. Why it felt so hard to stay on a diet. I just wanted to stand in the mirror and somehow miraculously have reached my goal weight. Unfortunately, it does not work away.

Overwhelm, frustration and self loathing became my best friend. Thoughts of food haunted me day and night. Dieting depleted my energy. Emotions and feelings would run rampant and cause eating binges. I was stuck, hurt, disappointed in myself and my weight.

I thought I was doomed. Until I changed everything that the diet industry taught me about losing weight. Started eating foods that I not only loved but binged on, everyday. Through releasing my limiting belief, manage my energy and healing my childhood hurts I started to lose weight.

I’ll create a safe supportive sacred space for you to get to the root of your overeating, while releasing self-sabotage and limiting beliefs that are keeping you fat. Learn to manage your feelings and energy in a productive way to lose weight with ease while eating foods you love.


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Actionable from Vickie’s interview:

Awareness is the key to understanding how to overcome fears that may results from one of these four burdens.
— Vickie Griffith

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