210: Shawn Doyle's practical tips on dealing with fears and unknowns in business

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Shawn Doyle, CSP and CEO of New Light Learning and Development

CEO of New Light Learning & Development, Inc., Shawn Doyle is the quintessential big-hearted giver of inspirational keynotes, empowering training workshops and coaching for executives looking to break new barriers.

His extensive background in training and development and Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation have positioned Shawn to fulfill on a lifelong vision to be a guide to those aspiring for greater professional success.

Author of nearly two dozen books, Shawn travels the globe working closely with executives, managers, teams and other professionals to help them achieve greater capability in the workplace. Shawn’s inspiring, hands-on and practical approach has led hundreds if not thousands to experience more satisfaction and fulfillment from their careers.

Shawn Doyle

Simplify & Multiply

“Recasting” exercise from Shawn’s Interview:

1) Take a piece of paper and make two columns
2) In the left column, write your negative thought or worry
3) In the right column, RECAST the thought or worry into a positive one
— Shawn Doyle

Terry Pappy

Terry Pappy