301: Introduction to Season 3 on the Power of a Business of YOU

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In this episode, I will be kicking off Season 3 which is themed “The Power of a Business of YOU.”


  • Why this topic now? It’s the most effective way solopreneurs can distinguish themselves from a growing marketplace filled with lookalike professionals.

  • What is a “Business of YOU” and how is that distinct from personal branding? Personal branding is a reflection of your passion, strengths, skillsets/training/certs and proven success stories to prove your credibility. A business of you is when you stand for something distinct, are vocal and consistent about it, and gain exposure doing it successfully. It’s the culmination of all that you’ve created, built and authored as well as the outcomes you’ve generated for your clients and/or employers.

  • How people “think” they are using personal branding but are failing and why taking it a lot further is what’s called for to compete in today’s crowded marketplace. For example, my client Dr. Kate Goonan and how she was widely respected by CEOs of major health care organizations across the US because she was a medical doctor and a Baldrige Examiner. Your credentials, training and experience certainly qualify your expertise. But what makes you YOU goes well beyond your resume.

  • What you can do to assess your brand and leverage what makes you, YOU — Make a list of all of the things that stand out about you and the way your work, from your experience, certifications and training to the results you’ve gotten for your clients. Don’t make it solely about your methodology - people don’t care how you get the result, they just care that you get them the result they want and that they enjoy the process of doing so.

  • Build and expose your brand story — what has made you and shaped who you are and why you operate the way you do now. Be vulnerable and opinionated (to a degree) to position yourself on a stage that is what you’re most passionate about and committed to change, improve or advocate.

  • Dan Gentry interviewed Dr. Brooke Silberhorn on his podcast, “Third Power Life” and at one point he asked her, “What is your superpower?” and Brooke was a bit stumped by the question. After a few moments of pondering about that question, it was as if you could hear her searching her databanks for the answer, she declared she didn’t have a superpower. Dan, who is a client and mentor of Brooke’s, quickly jumped in and said, “What I think your superpower is is how you connect with your patients.” So when you think about your superpower, and you should when you’re building a Business of YOU, reach out to those who have experienced you in the work environment as well as professional colleagues who know you well. Get their input as it will shed a lot of light on your strengths. Because we have challenges seeing ourselves as others see us, when you’re building a Business of YOU, you need the perspectives of others to illuminate your superpowers. As you learn these insights, resist the urge to downplay them. Leverage them to your advantage and be proud of what makes you, YOU!

  • Why it’s important to creatively re-evaluate your brand position every year — Because you change and evolve over time!

This season will be full of great interviews with fellow solopreneurs and providers of services to solopreneurs of how they have created a Business of YOU and what marketing they do to be successful in their businesses.

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