302: Interview with Actress Tristen MacDonald of Happy Actors

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It’s in the doing that things pop up from my subconscious. Firing before you aim sometimes is exactly what needs to happen for you to get the answers that you’re seeking, instead of just waiting around hoping that they’ll come to you because they almost never do—inspiration likes to find you in action.
— Tristen MacDonald
Tristen MacDonald

Tristen MacDonald of Happy Actors

Tristen MacDonald is a working actor and screenwriter in Los Angeles, currently recurring on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and the spokesperson for three national brands. Other credits include recurring on NCIS: LA, Grey’s Anatomy, Nickelodeon’s Henry Danger, national commercials for Amica, Taco Bell, Toyota (and dozens more), and the Groundlings Sunday Company.

Tristen also helps actors grow their biz with audition and career coaching. Calling upon her sixteen years in the acting profession AND her professional training as a life coach at CTI, she gives you tough love AND cheerleading. You need both!

“It is my personal mission to help you get the life and career you deserve. I’m committed to changing the collective psyche of the next generation of actors - those brave enough to pursue a life in the arts - by creating a community and movement toward an industry full of happy actors.”

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