Your Ideal Client
What do your clients want as it relates to your product or service? State it as an outcome or end result and be specific.
Describe their environment, influences, pressures, politics, competition, budget constraints, etc. that challenge them getting what they want.
Describe in detail what is their bottom-line problem or challenge that they are trying to fix.
In many cases, people are trying to fix problems for additional, underlying reasons, such as to look good to to boss, to avoid being fired, to forward innovation they believe in, etc. It's usually more personal and emotional for them.
Describe how your ideal client would want to be helped with their problem. Do they want to be involved? Are they hands-off? Do they need reassurance? A plan or strategy? Do they want to implement or integrate the solution themselves?
What worries, concerns, obstacles are in the way of your ideal client moving forward with you?
What types of authority, reassurance, guarantees can you offer your clients to help them feel confident about working with you?
Describe how you'll get your client from where they are to where they want to be in a 3- or 4-step process. Use general terms to describe each step.
When they are ready to work with you, what is the first step they take?
Describe the ideal successful outcome that will thrill your client.
As a result of working with you, what failure or demise have you helped them avoid?
After working with you and achieving success, in what ways has your client transformed?